The Secret Pickle Documentary

Yes it’s true, there is a documentary about the Secret Pickle Supper Club!

We were intrigued when Brilynn Ferguson first approached us about this project.  We were in the midst of final details before leaving for Spain for 2 and a half weeks, and so Brilynn immediately started to join us for brainstorming discussion, shopping trips, lunches and drinks, always with her camera or recorder in hand. She even caught as in some of our most “candid” moments as we prepared for our trip to Spain and the subsequent #SpanishPickle – Tasting Tour of Spain.

Brilynn also shot at many of the venues who have hosted past Pickles, interviewed Picklers and Pickle Crew, and had 2 cameras rolling at the Spanish Pickle.

The result is a great, short, documentary explaining publicly for the first time the origins of the name of the Secret Pickle Supper Club.  The Secret Pickle Documentary introduces the Pickle’s origins, it’s founders – Alexa Clark and Matt Kantor, the fantastic food, and of course lots of footage and candids of Picklers and the Pickle Crew alike. (Which we affectionately are calling the #PickleDoc)

Thanks to everyone who participated both in the documentary and in making the Secret Pickle what it is today! And of course to Brilynn

Tasting Tour of Spain

Alexa & Matt have returned from their incredible tasting tour of Spain and are bringing all those flavours to you on March 31st!

Secret Pickle Supper Club  –  Tasting Tour of Spain

The menu is going to include the best flavours we had, with Matt’s deft hand incorporating both traditional and modern techniques we saw from some of the most exciting kitchens across Spain. Intense and flavourful olive oils; incredible seafood; fascinating modernist takes on traditional cuisines; fun and playful pintxos. And of course no Tasting Tour of Spain would be complete with out jamón, chorizo and wine. We may even have a few surprises for you.

Some of What We Ate & Saw in Spain

You don’t want to miss this Pickle, fresh from Spain!

Tasting Tour of Spain
Saturday March 31, 2012, from 7:30-11pm
Tickets are $105/person, includes dinner, drink, HST, and love!
And you are invited! — get your tickets here [SOLD OUT!]

You’ll be dining at the St. Lawrence Market Kitchen
Chef Matt Kantor is in the kitchen.
Alexa Clark will guide you through the evening as your MC.

A Little History:

  • did you know the Secret Pickle Supper Club just turned 2 years old?
  • did you know our first ever dinner was also a Tasting Tour of Spain?
  • In honour of this, a documentarian will be filming the #SpanishPickle, so we’ll be asking guests if they want to be on camera or not and to sign a release form.


  • Like most Spanish meals, this one will include lots of pork and alcohol, and possibly a fluffy bunny or a cute little lamb.
  • There will be nuts, eggs, dairy and shellfish.  Let us know BEFORE you buy tickets if you have allergies.
  • If you have any questions, please just ask via reply email or twitter to @secretpickle, @alexaclark or @mattkantor
  • When tweeting about it, remember to use the hashtag #SpanishPickle, and don’t forget to follow us @secretpickle , @alexaclark and @mattkantor

We wanted to end the year with something great, something old and something new. And of course with you.

This time when we visit Spain we’re going to focus more on the north and the Basque region while including some dishes from all over the Iberian peninsula. We’ll be pouring Txakoli, Rioja and a couple other goodies for you. We’ll be doing modern and traditional, so expect the unexpected. The tapas will be flowing, and we’ll be sending out cazuelas, postres and who knows what else!

Please join us for what will be a fabulous evening on December 3rd at 7:30PM. We’ll be at Goed Eten, a great breakfast spot on Ossington just South of Dundas.


Saturday December 3, 2011, from 7:30-11pm
Tickets are $95/person, includes dinner, wine and fun!
And you are invited!


  • There will be shellfish, nuts, eggs, cocoa and dairy on your plate.
  • When tweeting about it, remember to use the hashtag #PintxosPickle, and don’t forget to follow us@secretpickle , @alexaclark and @mattkantor
  • This is our last event of the season, seating is limited and demand is high so don’t miss out.

When We Did Pastry

On Saturday August 13th, the Secret Pickle Supper Club descended upon Bobbette and Belle for what has been described by more than one Pickler as “… the best Pickle ever!”.

Cocktail Hour @ Pastry Pickle

Playing with the themes of sweet and savoury, Matt’s menu was some of the best food we’ve had at Secret Pickle ever.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that it was also his first Pickle with a full professional kitchen on site.

Bobbette and Belle was a fantastic venue for the Pickle, a full kitchen for Matt and plenty of space for our guests.  Huge windows to the street and tables decorated with some of Bobbette & Belle sugar flower petals (which some picklers snacked on)

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When We Did Vegan

With so many friends asking for a Secret Pickle for Vegans and Brian of Brian Pieters Photography Studio in Leslieville opening up his studio for the event, we had our first Vegan Pickle.

Vegan Pickle Kitchen

An exciting addition to the evening was that Brian setup a time-lapse camera setup to shoot the evening start to finish so you can see the entire experience in 1 minute:

Matt developed a fantastic menu incorporating a range of farm fresh produce, contemporary techniques and great flavours leaving everyone excited to see what was coming next.

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